An Orientation session, meticulously planned and eagerly awaited, unfolded for the inaugural cohort of the weekend class. Among the distinguished guests in attendance were the esteemed registrar and several venerable senior lecturers of the college. Their presence not only lent prestige but also symbolized the institution's commitment to the success and welfare of its students. The event sparked excitement and reverence among students, who were guided by experienced individuals. The registrar and senior lecturers shared valuable insights, encouragement, and academic expectations, setting the tone for their educational journey. Their wisdom and guidance instilled a sense of purpose and determination in the students.

In addition to the esteemed presence of the registrar and senior lecturers, the orientation featured insightful introductory lectures tailored to acquaint the students with the academic landscape they were about to navigate. These lectures provided a comprehensive overview of the curriculum, course structure, and expectations, empowering the students with the knowledge they needed to thrive in their academic pursuits. Moreover, the orientation included a detailed introduction to the various software tools and platforms utilized for teaching and learning. Hands-on demonstrations and tutorials ensured that students gained familiarity with these tools, setting them up for success in their coursework, online activities and beyond.

By integrating introductory lectures and software introductions into the orientation program, the college demonstrated its commitment to providing a holistic and empowering educational experience. This comprehensive approach equipped students not only with academic knowledge but also with the practical skills and resources necessary to excel in their studies and future careers.