The college has facilities that can comfortably host participants with different needs. These include:

  1. Lecture rooms
    a. One (1) air conditioned long lecture room (100 participants)
    b. One (1) long lecture room (100 participants)
    c. One (1) air conditioned lecture room (40 participants)
    d. Four (4) normal lecture rooms (40 participants each)
    e. Board room (20 participants)

  2. The lecture halls are furnished with folding chairs with attached writing boards for notes taking.

  3. Teaching materials
    Modern teaching tools such as Flipcharts, laptop computers and projectors are used to facilitate teaching and learning. The details are present below:
    a. Projectors - 3
    b. Projector screens- 5
    c. Laptops - 2
    d. Flip chart stands - 3
    e. Smart board - 1
    f. Writing boards - in all lecture rooms

  4. Library
    The college's library is refurbished to provide participants with a quiet and serene study atmosphere to make references. The library is stocked with books, magazines and periodicals on different subjects